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I had severe pain in my elbows. My work is hard labor & as the pain grew intolerable I thought I would need to quit my job. I'm still in disbelief, but after one treatment the pain has subsided & I'm able to tolerate my work. I keep thinking it's going to come back, but it hasn't yet! Thank God!!!

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Maintaining Women’s Health

Is Acupuncture A Good Way of Maintaining Women’s Health?


Today women are doing more than their bodies can handle. Having families, working and social activities keep women on the go making it difficult to get the proper amount of down time to let their bodies recuperate. I’ve noticed in many female patients that these stressors lead to pain. Acupuncture is an affordable, natural preventative way to heal your body by relieving stress and pain. Without treatment the stress could turn into disease. If you are not familiar with Acupuncture, here is a brief description. Acupuncture points are located at the surface of the body which send messages along channels, called meridians that run along the skin, and also travel internally to provide nourishment to the muscles, joints, tendons, bones and internal organs. A disruption in the flow of blood and energy along any of these channels causes an imbalance leading to symptoms of illness. Stimulating the Meridian points with fine Acupuncture needles helps redirect the flow of blood and energy throughout the body to restore balance and overall health.

Acupuncture and Cupping

For women, if your body is not balanced this usually manifests in more hormonal imbalances. Signs of these include painful, heavy or irregular periods, PMS, fertility challenges, mood swings, and menopausal hot flashes are just some of the problems that can occur when hormones are haywire. Acupuncture treatment helps these imbalances be regulated by stimulating the meridians of the affected organs.

In Chinese Medicine, they say each organ is paired with an emotion, for example sorrow affects your lungs, anger affects your liver, indecision affects your gallbladder. Acupuncturists can see which parts of the body are taxated – usually from emotional stress. From there we can pinpoint which organ is affected or where the qi (life force) is not flowing correctly. With anger, which includes depression, this can be manifested as liver symptoms like headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, etc. Worry and sadness (grief) cause lung symptoms including shortness of breath, stiff neck, dry throat, and cough.

In my practice I combine Acupuncture with Cupping Therapy because it is a great way to release pain, stress or emotional problems naturally, and gets our body in balance. Cupping has the ability to freshen the blood, thus cleansing the body’s blood system, enlivening and healing the whole organism. Cupping also purifies your blood and its ability to enhance your body’s circulatory system, the immune system, the integument system (skin), and other bodily systems. Today Cupping is mainly recommended for treating constipation, diarrhea, common colds, menstrual disorders, diabetes, migraines and chronic headaches, arthritis, joint pains, sport injuries, upper and lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hormonal disorders, fatigue, depression, and weight gain. Yes even weight gain! Cupping therapy not only helps shed the pounds by allowing qi to flow correctly but also balances hormones and allows your body to let go of any extra weight.

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 acupuncture and cupping

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture was developed in China many centuries ago. The Chinese call acupuncture Zhue Jiao, which means “needle heat”. The needle regulates an inner force called “Qi”, which is responsible for the health of the body. The regulation of Qi using acupuncture can restore physical health, give a release from stress, or improve physical or mental health in other ways. A very healthy person should have Qi energy flowing freely in several distinct pathways, and these pathways are like the roads for maintenance crews. Freely flowing energy distributes everything the cells need, and take away what waste is produced. This produces not only physical, but also mental, health. If Qi is stopped at some point, there will be some symptoms, often a physical illness. The acupuncturist will determine where the needles should be placed in order to return the flow to normal, or as close to normal as is possible. This might happen in one treatment, or a series of treatments.


Acupuncture techniques include needling, cupping therapy, electro stimulation, herbal medicine, moxibustion, and infrared heat therapy. The majority of the time simply needles are used, they are tiny needles inserted at the surface of the body to stimulate your Qi.  The needles are sterile and for one time use only.  The practitioner may use a particular angle to insert a needle, or may manipulate the needle a little (such as a small rotation) to get the best results for a particular patient.  Some clients remark on an occasional pinching sensation when a needle is inserted. Once the needle is in place it can easily be forgotten. Sometimes there is a pleasant relaxing or warm sensation around the insertion point, which is an indication that the Qi flow is being redirected in the right manner.


You may want to visit our acupuncture clinic regularly to maintain an optimal flow of Qi and to maintain really good health. A particular health or emotional problem may need only one or two visits, or might require a series of up to eight visits or more, depending on the problem. During a visit, the acupuncturist may insert several needles, and not necessarily at the same points from visit to visit. As the condition improves, a different set of locations might be chosen to affect a change in Qi flow to move even more quickly to good health.


Acupuncture is a very good way to correct a number of illnesses, and one of the best ways to maintain health on a regular basis. This introduction gave a brief overview to encourage you to consider acupuncture as a health option. More and more insurance companies are giving coverage for visits to an acupuncture clinic, and this should be explored.

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Cupping Therapy













Cupping Therapy

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical treatment and you will find that the insertion of these thin needles that will hit your tension points will relieve all pain that you have. Pain from your back, cramps, nausea, and it can help you with serious conditions like infertility and cancer. You will find that there are a lot of benefits that you can get from not  just using Acupuncture alone. Instead, using  Acupuncture  treatments along Cupping sessions brings even better results than just using Acupuncture alone . Cupping is another traditional Chinese remedy that will help you to relieve pain and it is used to generate good energies. You will find that Acupuncture and Cupping are treatments  should only be performed by a professional. They will give you more information before you decide to have the procedure.


Suction and moving qi and blood are the basic concepts of cupping. Small cups or jars (usually made from glass or bamboo) are heated from the inside with fire to create a vacuum and then placed on the body. The cups are heated and placed to the skin to begin suction and are left on the body for around 10 minutes. Today, this technique can be done with a suctioning pump as well.

The placement of the suctioning device is important as there are acupuncture points that the Acupuncturist will place a cup on each to help relieve your pain. Or the cups can be placed around a specific problem region. It was thought in ancient China that by stimulating these areas, you could rid the body of negative energies like diseases and pain.


Some people believe that cupping will open up the lungs and you’ll be able to let out all the toxins through your breathing and through your skin pores. You will find that it can make breathing easier for you. It is also believed to draw the cold and dampness out of your system, creating a healthier body overall.


There have been researches done to show and prove that there are a lot of real benefits from cupping and it’s not just an old tale. Cupping helps stimulate the blood vessels in an affected area, drawing out old blood that settles in a bruise or otherwise pained area and making room for new blood, with a fresh supply of oxygen, to make its way to the area. Since it is creating a better environment, you will find that the tissues will begin to repair themselves.


You will want to keep in mind that cupping is not right for everyone. You will find that if you are pregnant you should be very careful with cupping and it shouldn’t be done where there are open sores or wounds. You will find that there should not be cupping where there is excess hair or on body parts that have different angles and surfaces. When you begin cupping you will begin to see large bruises from the cupping and it just goes away. In showing like this it  acts as proof that it is working, but you will notice that these bruises will disappear within a week.


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