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I had severe pain in my elbows. My work is hard labor & as the pain grew intolerable I thought I would need to quit my job. I'm still in disbelief, but after one treatment the pain has subsided & I'm able to tolerate my work. I keep thinking it's going to come back, but it hasn't yet! Thank God!!!

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Maintaining Women’s Health

Is Acupuncture A Good Way of Maintaining Women’s Health?


Today women are doing more than their bodies can handle. Having families, working and social activities keep women on the go making it difficult to get the proper amount of down time to let their bodies recuperate. I’ve noticed in many female patients that these stressors lead to pain. Acupuncture is an affordable, natural preventative way to heal your body by relieving stress and pain. Without treatment the stress could turn into disease. If you are not familiar with Acupuncture, here is a brief description. Acupuncture points are located at the surface of the body which send messages along channels, called meridians that run along the skin, and also travel internally to provide nourishment to the muscles, joints, tendons, bones and internal organs. A disruption in the flow of blood and energy along any of these channels causes an imbalance leading to symptoms of illness. Stimulating the Meridian points with fine Acupuncture needles helps redirect the flow of blood and energy throughout the body to restore balance and overall health.

Acupuncture and Cupping

For women, if your body is not balanced this usually manifests in more hormonal imbalances. Signs of these include painful, heavy or irregular periods, PMS, fertility challenges, mood swings, and menopausal hot flashes are just some of the problems that can occur when hormones are haywire. Acupuncture treatment helps these imbalances be regulated by stimulating the meridians of the affected organs.

In Chinese Medicine, they say each organ is paired with an emotion, for example sorrow affects your lungs, anger affects your liver, indecision affects your gallbladder. Acupuncturists can see which parts of the body are taxated – usually from emotional stress. From there we can pinpoint which organ is affected or where the qi (life force) is not flowing correctly. With anger, which includes depression, this can be manifested as liver symptoms like headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, etc. Worry and sadness (grief) cause lung symptoms including shortness of breath, stiff neck, dry throat, and cough.

In my practice I combine Acupuncture with Cupping Therapy because it is a great way to release pain, stress or emotional problems naturally, and gets our body in balance. Cupping has the ability to freshen the blood, thus cleansing the body’s blood system, enlivening and healing the whole organism. Cupping also purifies your blood and its ability to enhance your body’s circulatory system, the immune system, the integument system (skin), and other bodily systems. Today Cupping is mainly recommended for treating constipation, diarrhea, common colds, menstrual disorders, diabetes, migraines and chronic headaches, arthritis, joint pains, sport injuries, upper and lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hormonal disorders, fatigue, depression, and weight gain. Yes even weight gain! Cupping therapy not only helps shed the pounds by allowing qi to flow correctly but also balances hormones and allows your body to let go of any extra weight.

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 acupuncture and cupping

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