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" Balanced Planets Venus Calm"

5 stars

Balanced Planets Venus Calm, Women’s Vitality Formula (balance hormones, moods and energy-levels, anti-stress).

"So I started taking the supplement about 6 weeks ago and in that time many of my symptoms have been reduced or erased. I had thyroid auto-immune Hashimoto’s disease and papillary carcinoma, thyroid removed and radiation treatment; am cancer free. It has relieved symptoms of hot/cold flashes, fatigue, and general hormonal and energy issues. I feel better, which is a first. In the 5 years since I was diagnosed, I had never managed to relieve the sweating and exhaustion before. I am currently taking nature thyroid (hormones T3/4), along with other medication."
- Jessica

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" The Pain Has Subsided "

5 stars

I had severe pain in my elbows. My work is hard labor & as the pain grew intolerable I thought I would need to quit my job. I'm still in disbelief, but after one treatment the pain has subsided & I'm able to tolerate my work. I keep thinking it's going to come back, but it hasn't yet! Thank God!!!

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